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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brick by Lego Brick

It's been a busy week. First it was my birthday, then it was Mothers birthday, then it was Mother and Fathers Anniversary, then I went to the coolest place on Earth (according to my boy)... Legoland!
My son is obsessed with Lego, especially the Star Wars range. He can make the most amazing models I've ever seen a child make. He's only just turned five, yet will turn his hand to the models designed for teenage Lego fans. Many would say this is obviously down to the fact he is Autistic (possible Aspergers, diagnosis takes forever), however I just say he's very clever (typical mummy!). When we decorate his new bedroom in the new house he will be having a Lego theme. I can be pretty handy with a paintbrush so I plan to paint a giant Lego mural on his walls. He's gonna love it!

Just look at this Lego London! Made by the professional Lego makers, not my son, ahah.
It's amazing the amount of detail that goes into the models. 

I especially love the little Lego people going about their business.

We stayed at the Lego hotel for one night (the other night was at a Travelodge, that Lego hotel certainly aint cheap!). As pricey as it is I think it's definately worth it. It's like every child's fantasy come true. The rooms are amazing, ours was pirate themed. I don't know who was more excited as we got into the hotel; me, the husband or the boy (actually, I think it was the husband). 

Have you ever seen such an amazing hotel front! Complete with fire breathing dragon. If the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had a hotel...

So as we've been busy living actual lives this week we haven't had much time to dedicate to the new house. Although we did come home to half a wall that wasn't there before (yay!). Also our new bricks were delivered (of the non Lego variety). We went for a terracotta-ish type thing, called Bristol Buff. I say we, obviously I mean me, the husband proved to me a long time ago he has no taste and not even a wink of artistic eye. I will post photos of said bricks soon as I would love your opinions. You may think I'm making a big deal about a bit of brickwork, but I've got to look at the things for the rest of my life! If I have chosen wrong it's gonna bug me every day...forever...

Thanks for reading!

Love Cherry x

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  1. Hi Cherry, lovely blog! Legoland is so much fun:) I actually just blogged about driverless cars and included a pic of me on a car at the Danish Legoland:
    Hope the renovations go well - looks like our house a few years ago! Vic x