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Saturday, 19 May 2012

It's Hammer Time!

Sound the trumpets, the demolition has begun. As I sit in Mothers garden room typing away, I can hear the sound of drills and sledge hammers drifting up from our new house. Yes, conveniently enough our new house is directly behind Mothers house, there's even a little gate at the bottom of the garden joining them. This was installed when Great Nanny lived in that house and I'm glad it hasn't been taken away, handy handy. Luckily we have wonderful neighbours who don't seem to take offence at being woken at 8am on a weekend.

This is now what the back of our house looks like.
Lovely stuff. Concrete walls have been torn down to make way for lovely new bricks. The giant shed on the left of the picture will be gone soon, as who on Earth wants that view through their french doors?
You may also notice quite a bit of rubbish in the garden. Seriously, that's nothing! When we first saw the house I almost cried. I remember it as my Great Nanny's house and hadn't been inside for years, when I saw it again I was shocked at the condition of the place. Cigarette butts all over the carpets, half the wallpaper hanging down, a very strong smell of nicotine and dogs, doors hanging from their hinges. How anyone can live like it beats me, but happily now it's ours, back in the family again, and I am determined to make it a wonderful home again.

Garden shots!
Decking area. Obviously needs quite a tidy, however the actual decking is still in pretty good condition and will be staying.

This will eventually become my vegetable patch. Underneath all of the dead trees and brambles is the perfect sunny spot for a bit of growing.

So I'm off now to make a cup of tea for the man who is in a six foot hole moving our sewage pipe (a friend of the Husband who regrets asking if we needed any help). But before I go I'm going to leave you with a picture of my first ever knitting project.

A little pink blanket for the upcoming Babby. Don't laugh when I tell you this has taken me three evenings so far, it may be ready by her third birthday.

Love Cherry x


  1. How lovely that you have been able to get back an old family home! And backing on to your mum too? Oh that will be so useful as the kids get a bit older! Good luck with all the renovation work - you will have fun making it a home to cherish I am sure x

    1. Thankyou for being the first lovely person to ever comment on my blog. It's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself anymore. :)x

  2. hi, iv popped over from the folksy blog thread to say hi and im pleased to be your first follower! I bet you are glad to finally be in the house, good luck with all renovation. Amz x

    1. Thankyou so much Amy for being my first follower. You have made my day. :)x

  3. Your blog has just given me a good giggle - it may look like a bit of a mess now, but your putting your own stamp on it which will make it a really special home!

    Good look with the rest!

    Em x