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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Exciting Times!

So I've decided what to do while on maternity leave. I'm going to try every single craft I can get my hands on and see what fits me. A lovely new sewing machine is winging it's way towards me as I type, luckily I have Mother on hand to show me what's what and what goes where. Mother used to make pretty little summer dresses for me and my sister when we were little, she's also a pro at whipping up some curtains in a second! A good mentor for me. She's also going to refresh my memory on how to knit, a skill I haven't practiced since my Great Nanny died when I was 10. Looking forward to making some kind of shapeless blanket for the Babby as a first attempt. A lovely friend has agreed to teach me sock monkeys, and I've also gone a bit nuts buying various sewing and craft books. I honestly cannot wait until the 16th June, the start of my maternity leave, and the start of trying all kinds of new skills. Photos will follow each attempt, comedy value I'm sure.

In other news, building starts next week on our new house, yay! I guess I'd better warn the kettle he's in for a busy few weeks. I'm going to be taking plenty of photos to soon as I figure out how to upload them!

Exciting times!

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